How to add a breakline symbol to a dimension line?, that’s the question. Sometimes in a AutoCAD Draftsman’s career, they will encounter such drawing that has an object that needs to be shown with breakline symbol in order to fit the drawing inside the drawing area. And ofcourse a drawing cannot be called as a working drawing if the drawing has no Annotations, Title, and specially if no Dimensisons.

In a drawing that has an object that shown with breakline symbol, it is recommended that it must come up also with a dimensioning with a breakline symbol or jog symbol. And that’s the time, the command DIMJOGLINE will be needed. You can find the DIMJOGLINE command at the Dimension Toolbar, or at the Dimension pulldown menu, Jogged Linear. Alternatively, you can just type DIMJOGLINE at the command prompt.


DIMJOGLINE is an AutoCAD command that can create a breakline symbol like object, that can be use in a linear dimension line. Jog symbol are used to represent a dimension value that does not the actual measurement of an object. Typically, the actual measurement value of the dimension is smaller than the displayed value. Once you already made the JOG symbol you can modify it’s position by using GRIPS.


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