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Yesterday was a day of rain and shopping, hence no blog, well I have to take a day of some times and as I was summoned to shop, who am I to argue,,,, still I did get some interesting mail and this item about the CAS, or The Centre for the study of Architecture, came in via the Vectorworks User Discussion List, in response to a request made a few days ago re recording archaeology digs. CSA, the Center for the Study of Architecture, is devoted to
advancing the use of computers, computer technologies, and digital information technologies in the service of architectural history, archaeology, and related
disciplines that explore our common heritage. The site is full of very interesting articles and information. What information needs to be recorded, why and how. Obviously my interest is the drawing side and construction of old buildings, I went into one area and read through an article on the Propylaea Project., there was a link to “drawings”, but Alas nothing there yet, but I will keep track of this site to see what comes about. Personally, I think that Vectorworks would be very good for this style of recording, where layers on construction would be heaped upon each other, our layers and class structure would be idealy suited to record the construction at various depths.

Well worth the 1/2 hour of CPD I will claim for this.

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Source: Konstrukshon CPD Weblog – Architectural Technologist – “CSA” the Center for the Study of Architecture
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