Deer Fencing
Image by Scays via Flickr

I saw this style of fencing for the first time today, whilst on a visit to Charlecote Park just south of Stratford upon Avon, and thought just what the heck is going on, the whole park is surrounded  by this fencing, its all over the place. It look weired, but as the blurb says, This medieval design is used to enclose deer parkland. its made from green oak split roughly by hand. The uneven pattern of the fence top makes it difficult for the deer to judge the height, which stops them from trying to jump it. Does it work well its been around for the best part of 500 years, and it still there doing its job, the deer are running wild in the park even now, so I have to say yes it does work, and its just another style of fence I thought you might like to see

I have added it to my fencing design portfolio and added a 1/4 hour CPD

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