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I try, I try real hard not to consume paper but we are in a business that seems hell bent on keeping the paper boys and especialy the printer cartridge people in a life style many of us strive for.

I try and use pdf were ever possible,, Vectorworks is so good at generating PDF books, but paper just has to be, done, for site and currently building control, who still will not go over to the panning portal, another augment I think. So I have to buy loads of paper and just recently printer cartridges for my HP 1280 A3 printer. I went to PC world to get them and was just incensed that they cost so much, so brought the very bare min to get by, one, and started to look else where, I had heard of a company that was selling other make cartridges, and phoned my mate, well the ex secretary of a practice I worked at, and got the site address of a company called Advantage Oooh so good, not only were they cheaper to deal with, but the very kind gentleman on the phone explained that the cartridges you buy as manufacturer approved, ie HP in my case are not full, the ones offered by advantage are not only cheaper but have more ink in them, well its a no brainer, I purchased a small bundle and will let you know, but I can see no difference in quality and only time will tell as to the amount of ink in each cartridge, and Advantage offer a next day delivery service.

Is this CPD, dam right it is, a little time spent here to research and I have saved a bundle

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