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Up until very recently, I have been a 2D user of Vectorworks, I survey a property and use Vectorworks, much like a drawing board, and its very easy to use it like this, I pick the pen size and start drawing, layering each floor plan as a separate design layer, and classing out the various components as I go, I started to use Viewports as soon as I got V12 I think, and loved the way I could use them, and with Jon Pickups help I started to refine the way I used viewports and class structures to ease and quicken my drawing, even using spreadsheets to list items such as car park spaces. But one thing bugged me this is Vectorworks ability to list design layers in the right order,. I wanted them in a specific way in the drop box, and after a short while I saw that each design layer in the tool / Organise menu has little numbers against them, clicking and dragging allowed me to change the order and keep my sanity, I was happy, until I saw that there was no such method in the sheet layer section of organiser, . Now at this stage I was producing a lot of PDF documents/books of projects and having to organise the list so it started with the title page, went on to the ground. first and subsequent sheet layer  in an ordered way, via the export/pdf batch commant.

Then I had a brain wave, if I numbered them in a specific way would they re order , would Vectorworks sort them correctly, and it did, so I know list each sheet, with its project number/sheet number and sheet name 159856-01 location plan, and doing a batch pdf export the list is correct and no need to sort manualy,,, I am happy again. I made a little clip to show just what I mean, have a look, top right. It might play but double click and it will take you to Flickr and play it there.

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