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I saw quite recently a number of emails on the Vectorworks user discussion list on text and dimensions within a  Vectorworks viewport, and I brought the subject up with Jon Pickup of Archoncad,  I subscribe to Jons training, come monthly update or  Short Sharp Training manuals, and as such I often phone or Skype him for info, help or just a chat, and it was during a chat that I raised the subject. I only use text as a title and did not think about putting dims or other text within or on a view port.  Jon immediately opened up a gotomeet window and showed me the method and why it should be considered, there seems to be no hard and fast rule here, just do it as needed by the drawing requirement. I recorded the training so with Jons permission I have loaded it up to youtube on my Scays page and have linked it below for you to see,,, Enjoy.

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