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I received this link some days ago and was unsure if it was OK to pub, but I think it is, so Francois, if I have it wrong please forgive. So what or were does the link take you, well it downloads a pdf of a recent talk Francois gave on Green Bim, even without the audio side its a very well put together piece of Arch tech. from Solar animation, Site works, Ventilation, which has a Psychometric charts I really would like to hear the explanation of, thermal chimneys, which I used on a school design in Scotland. Rainwater harvesting, all calcs are in Imperial, but you get the gist, lighting loads and Thermal envelope, now this is one area I really would like to have sat in on. The buildings are ones that Francois designed and I have seen before, via a Vectorworks presentation he did some while back, together with a house design he put up recently,  see the link below. The timber frame section is one I really must get into.

Just from the notes I think you have enough to start some research, so I think at least 1 hour quality CPD can be claimed here,

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Source: Konstrukshon CPD Weblog – Architectural Technologist – Green Bim by Francois Levy
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