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Rendering with AutoCAD? Why not. AutoCAD can produce very nice rendering since AutoCAD 2007. Autodesk change the render engine with mental ray. It’s not exactly the same with mental ray in 3ds Max, but it is good enough.

Every image in this post is created with Revit, and rendered with AutoCAD. Isn’t Revit also has mental ray rendering? Yes, and it’s good too. I created this model in Revit 2008, when Revit still use Accurender. Rendering it in AutoCAD, is a lot better than doing it in Revit before.

Let’s see more of my AutoCAD renderings.

This model below is from the getting started tutorial in Revit. I exported it to DWG, redefine all the materials, and render it. I only use sunlight, no other light is defined. The smooth shadow and indirect lights look very nice.

interior render

Let’s take a closer look. See the railing? The stainless steel material look realistic enough to me. The reflection on the door glass look nice too.


This is another one.


AutoCAD can produce very nice photorealistic rendering. If you don’t have 3ds Max, don’t worry. Render your model with AutoCAD. Why not?

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