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If you’ve noticed, in Revit Views we have several views groups. Until now, the floor plans are the most views we use. But under floor plans there is another plan view group: ceiling plans. We use this view to create ceilings, and to place ceiling hosted objects.

You are already familiar with ceiling plans aren’t you? Imagine we are actually inside a room. When you see below, you will see the floor plan. And if you see above you, you will see the ceiling plan. There are some objects you can’t see in ceiling plans. And so the other way: some ceiling hosted objects can’t be seen on your floor plan.

Now open your 2nd floor ceiling plan.

You will see our roof fascia appear in this view. It was placed above 2nd floor, so we can see it. But we don’t need roof fascia appear in ceiling plan. Select the roof fascia. Now hide it by click hide>elements from your contextual ribbon.

hide elements

Hiding this roof fascia will hide it not only for viewing. But will also disappear when you plot it. Now activate ceiling tool


Move your pointer to your ceiling plan. You should see now Revit is trying to find rooms and highlight it. Move your pointer where you want your ceiling to be placed. Click your mouse to place it.

place ceiling

Place ceiling to all rooms in 2nd floor. After you finish, make a section to review our ceiling.

Now let’s move to 1st floor ceiling plan. 1st floor requires more work. We have a void and a stair we are going to define ceiling in this area by sketching it. First, place ceiling in every room in this plan, except for patterned area below.

After you finish, activate place ceiling. Find sketch ceiling on your ribbon.

sketch ceiling

Sketching in creating ceiling is just the same with creating floor. Sketch it as closed polygon, and click finish. That’s it 🙂 Create ceiling sketch for this ceiling below.

And after you finish with that railing, continue finishing 1st floor ceiling by creating this ceiling below.

Next, we will discuss about creating ceiling edges, to close the gap between 2nd floor slab and 1st floor ceiling.

Source: CAD Notes – Creating Ceiling in Revit Model
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