camera This is not about rendering. This is about how you can get high resolution image from your drawing. It might be layouts, elevation view, etc. I had this question several times. You can just plot your model/layout.

Try to open your plot dialog box. You can see a plotter named PublishToWebJPG.pc3. Use this plotter, you will get a JPG image with fair quality. Ready to be embedded to your Power Point for your presentation.


Still not good enough? How about BMP, TIFF, or TGA?

You can add more plotter for those file types. Open your control panel. You will see Autodesk Plotter Manager icon here. Double click to open it.

adsk plotter manager

Basically this will only open another folder. This folder contains all plotter that can be used by AutoCAD. To add new plotter, double click Add-A-Plotter Wizard.

add a plotter wizard

This will bring you to a wizard. Click next at the first page.

On the next page, select My Computer. Then click next. On the next page, you can see a list of manufacturers, and their plotter model. We want to add TIFF this time. Select Raster File Formats as manufacturers. Then select TIFF Version 6 as plotter model.

plotter model

You can also select BMP or TGA if you like. Now, you can simply click next and finish through the rest of this wizard. Open your AutoCAD, open plot dialog box. You should see your new plotter there!

Source: CAD Notes – How to: Get Hi Res Image from AutoCAD?
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