I drew this image using AutoCAD. Just using simple drafting tools. I haven’t met Revit at that time. If you see the area in red circle, you can see that it is scaled on X axis, but the scale on Y axis is not affected. Or may be you think I drew all of the baluster at the location manually? 🙂 No, I use non-uniform scale. Only scale it on X axis, but ignore the scaling on Y axis. How to do this?

I know MicroStation can do this with scale tool directly, but in AutoCAD there is a workaround we should do.

First of all, I create a block to define the baluster . Then I insert the block. In the block dialog box, I turn off the uniform scale check box, left the X scale to 1, and change the Y scale a bit. I repeat this several times until all of them placed. I may have to do trial and error several times to get it the right size. Well, we can do it easily in Revit or AutoCAD Architecture. But obviously not in 2D drafting!

insert block

Source: CAD Notes – How to: Modify Objects With Non-Uniform Scale
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