Command line is a very powerful feature in AutoCAD, and I don’t think replaceable. I know there are a lot of pros and cons about using command line in AutoCAD. Personally I like using shortcut key when using AutoCAD, but I found that it’s difficult for people who rely heavily on this when learning other CAD application.

But doesn’t matter. When you use AutoCAD, you’ll want to use it optimally right?

You can see and customize your aliases by accessing edit aliases in AutoCAD ribbon, manage tab, customization section.

Or if you use AutoCAD classic interface, you can access it from menu tool>customize>edit program parameters (acad.pgp)

edit aliases

This will open your acad.pgp file in text editor (by default it’s notepad).


As you can see, this is a list of all your command aliases. Mine is default, so aliases for line is L. When I type L then [enter] will activate the line tool. Typing LA [enter] will open the layer manager. Etc.

AutoCAD commands don’t work like any other Windows applications. In Revit or Inventor, you simply type two character to activate a tool. No need to press [enter]. But in AutoCAD you can use single character, or more than two. MicroStation can do some similar key-in, but command line is not always have the input focus. Using command line in other application might not be as comfortable as in AutoCAD for AutoCAD users. I suggest you not depends on command line so much, unless you don’t plan to use other CAD applications.

You can edit the aliases and change them to what you want. After you finish, save this file. You might need to restart your AutoCAD after doing your modification.

Where’s the Complete List of AutoCAD Command?

You can see the whole AutoCAD command in AutoCAD help file. See under command reference>commands.

AutoCAD commands

But do you really want to remember all of them? 🙂

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