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I have just watched, Helvetica, the film, I purchased it on iTunes library and put it onto my iPhone for viewing on a trip I made yesterday, hence the lack of any post, I was amazed at the influence this simple clean font has made to the world. The film is I suppose, is a documentary, of the people who use it, and the history of the people who created it, plus, I might add, a small number of people who rebel against it, It’s a film that we as Architectural technologists should watch, Our drawings and details should reflect something of our character in them,.When I first started, I was taught to write in a clear upright way, so my drawings were clear, and reflected the office I worked for. Doug Patt of How to Architect has a useful video on Youtube, I don’t like the way he writes in this, but its his style and he likes it. I prefer to use lines, this is good, but uses a square to line with, NO, not so good. You should line, and write freestyle, but how can I criticise, my father write like this, its very popular.

So now we are in the 21st century, and most if not all of us use CAD, I wanted to continue my style, and choose a font that I think reflected me,and my writing, and picked Tekton Pro, designed  by David Siegel, in the USA, is a good clean font that looks good on my drawings, its available from just about any font web site, I recently have been buying from Fonts.com, they have a very easy to use interface and loads of similar fonts, like Architectural package by Kasier Rae,  or Stylus BT. Your just going to have to wander about and find a font that suites you, but above all, choose a font, do not rely upon the default set by the CAD package. Do we design our drawings as pieces of art, yes, of course we do, I always like to send out drawings that look good, I want people to say, that its a nice drawing,, a technologist was behind this.

Perhaps I should write my own font , I will call it Architectural Technologist, I had a long search, of almost 10 mins to see if any one else had made a font called Architectural Technologist, and there is none, so here  on this site I register it’s name and in the coming weeks I will list a new font for the technologist based upon my writing style.

So watch the film, is it CPD, yes, its design, learn the difference between fonts, and just what an impact a different font can make to a drawing, and to you.

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