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This morning I attended an online meet with Jon Pickup of Archoncad, this month Jon went over the use of Panzercad, Camera match program a really useful and easy to use piece of software that works within Vectorworks. Basically its a way of applying a 3D image you might have generated within Vectorworks and applying it to an existing photo. If you try to do this manually witin Photoshop then the problem will always be perspective, but camera match overcomes this in a very simple program, .

First take the photo, noting and straight lines, that panzercad might be able to use to calculate viewpoints, also a note a dimension, then apply this photo, set up the points within Vectorworks and apply the model, it sounds simple, and it is, although  it took about 45 min of Jon going through it all, I can imagine that given a couple of attempts, this is no more than a 20 min exercise.. Ok you might want to take the photo into Photoshop to clean it up a little, take out objects in the foreground that might not be wanted, but thats it, import it into the application and apply your model. a real plus when going to see your client, or planner.

Have a look at the web site and watch a couple of the movies, it’s just so easy

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