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There can be no mistake, this time Jon Pickup of Archoncad, has surpassed his own records and produced one of the best buys on the planet, I am not lazy, well that’s what I tell my partner !, I like reading and devour books, but some times I want instant knowledge, I don’t want to have to ring up a help line and wait, or sift through a text book, I want to know the answer to my problem now. In the past I have relied on helpful co-workers, but even they can’t always help, so when Jon showed me his first 2009 version of Vector-Workout, I thought this is it, and asked to be allowed to sell it as well as use it, but then as the days were rolling up to the release day for Vectorworks 2010, I saw the new version and was blown away, not only had he redone all the videos, learning from the first edition, but he has added just loads more into the easy to navigate pdf file. BIM is also evolving quickly, and now is the time to get onboard, follow the manual file by file, or click on and item to skip, its that easy.  If you purchased the last version, then this will certainly be on your radar, and I have it for sale in the store for $119 and a simple click on the Paypall button will allow me to send the files via  Dropsend or filesend, its just to big to attach to an Email

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