AutoCAD 2009 with the Classic User Interface
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Look I know Vectorworks is the best cad package out for Architectural practices, but Autocad is still pretty dominant, and if like me you go from practice to practice, your bound to come into contact with it, even if  you manage to keep within the Vectorworks oriented practices, and your just exporting Vectorworks files as dwg. So looking at autocad now and again is helping you to keep your Vectorworks skill live. how can you export if you have no idea what the Autocad guy is having to put up with, You might even find him sending files back because they are just not readable, with floor plans stacked upon each other, not every one is so blessed. So I found a link in my stats page to this site, the lazy drafter a name after my own heart. Its got loads of tips to help keep your head above water. and hopefully understand a little the way of Autocad.

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