Eaves stepped brick detail
Image by Scays via Flickr

I again was out walking with my dogs and saw this detail, on an old barn, there are two things to look at here and research, first is the very old fasiond eaves corbelled brick detail, It helps support the tile or as in most cases a slate tile finish, it helps keep the interface joint between slate and brickwork dry and sheds water coming of the roof away from the wall slightly. But best of all I like its style, it looks good.

But the other point to look for in this photo, is the spalding brick face, now this could have been caused by a number of conditions, but proberly the most common, is water trapped below the surface which has been frozen and forced of the face of the brick, how did the water get there, more than likely bad pointing, allowing water to seep down into the brick, hard to tell from the photo, but I had a good look and I believe this was the cause, Remedy is to hack out the brick carefully and replace, using the same mortar, lime in this case, and re point the whole wall.

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