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I saw an an recently for the new Marley Pitched roofing guide, I phoned the number and spoke to there office requesting a copy of the book, now having dealt with other manufacturers recently, I thought to myself, yeh, I’ll see that book someday, but to my surprise and glee, it arrived the next day, excellent service, and not only that, the book was, is, every inch what I was hoping to see, the best update on pitched roofing ever, all you would wish to see, plus more, and to boot a very useful CD packed with details, ok it’s in dwg, and I have to import them, sorry guys at Marley dwg is not the only CAD file format. But that aside, it is truly worth getting this excellent guide. Go to their web site and link into the pitched roofing and brochure request or simply phone the number you see and talk to the very nice lady.

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