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A very recent article from AECBYTES, has some interesting and sole searching questions for BIM in Architecture, I like BIM, I think its in its early years, and needs to mature a little, but it offers great hope in stream lining the design process, and bringing cost benfits to all who embrace it, but this article from

Dr. Burcin Becerik-Gerber and Samara Rice
University of Southern California

Has some interesting thoughts, do I agree with them, not entirely,  they are right in certain aspects, but I think they are being to harsh, on a growing method of producing new information routes from the design process, its still has its growing pains, many confuse it with 3D CAD, and this is not so, BIM can come from many sources, and may be some disaplines find it more usefull, and certainly many will be looking at the ROI, but I suspect many will be looking ahead to find better ways to impliment this new and exciting concept.

Still the article is well worth a read and by the time you have read, digested the info, done a little research, and thought about it, I can see a good 1 hour CPD claim.

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Source: Konstrukshon CPD Weblog – Architectural Technologist – The Value of Building Information Modeling: Can We Measure the ROI of BIM?
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