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I recently had a project to remodel a bathroom as part of a whole rear of house extension, and fitted an electric underfloor heating system, just because there was no room on any wall for a radiator, and it got me into realising the quality and reliability of all underfloor heating systems. First the bathroom, I thought that I would use the existing radiator system and install a loop within the floor, but as soon as I looked at it, it was a no go, just to complicated to sit pipes under the timber floor, then I remembered a system I had been involved with a few years back, which was based upon an electric wire laid as a mat, over the majority of the floor and just covered with tile adhesive and tiles. Simple and very effective, a small timer box was fitted to the wall and all that was required was a power feed. The client was over the moon.

So is under floor heating the next way forward, well in larger installations were water can be used, it’s well worth looking at, no more radiators on walls being blocked by furniture, lower water temperature, which means that solar water heaters suddenly become very interesting.  zoning easily set up, even within the same room, I have become a convert, but should you, well it depends upon your design brief, your way of construction, but do not ignore it, I have for to long, and now I have found it, I have started to look into it and all the avenues it offers for cheaper heating, more control and solar input. I used the Warmup system on my project, available from most outlets, there are similar available. As for the water based systems, there are loads to look at, but look carefully, and get one that is part of the whole water delivery system, I have started to look at it being integrated with solar collectors and  storage systems.

I am currently looking for some decent installation drawings, I will load them up into the download section as soon as I find good example, failing that I will draw them myself. As for the picture today, this is a distribution pipe for an underfloor water system, with all the valves controlling zones.

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