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I have been a fan of Tom Greggs for some time since I discovered his Convert to lines web site some time back, see the link in the side bar. Tom has been quiet for some months, since I think about April, and just recently I saw a link in my Google reader to show he had a new issue out, fab, I linked in and read a very good overview of items, including a link to his .Mac account for one of his easy to listen to videos, which I had to down load, I emailed Tom asking if he had ever heard of Viddler, and my reasons for mentioning it, Tom replied back saying he did not know about the site and would look into it, well low and behold after more emails, Tom has published quite a bit of his past videos on his account of Video for left handers and promises to add more as time goes on. The good thing about Viddler is they only limit the file size and have NO time limit, so Toms 30 or so minute length tutorials are just perfect for Viddler. I will review the other tutorials later.

So before I go into Toms latest set, this is a list of the current videos:

  • Vectorworks for Left Handers: 3D Tutorial Part 2
  • Vectorworks for Left Handers: 3D Tutorial Part 3  
  • Vectorworks for Left Handers: HIdden Line Tutorial
  • Vectorworks for Left Handers: Color and Texture
  • Vectorworks for Left Handers: Workspace Editing
The 3 part tutorial series on 3D is a must, its going to be a long viewing session,  at almost 60 mins of top quality CPD viewing. First is Toms style, its not a quick in and out of a subject, he takes his time looking at the problems and sometimes viewing it from a different perspective, proberly hence the name of the series Vectorworks for left handers, ie left handers using the right side of the brain more !, ok I’m left handed and it means a lot to me. I link the 3 videos below so view here or go to Viddler and search for “Vectorworks for left handers”. or use the link above.
The first video concentrates on Z and delta Z, looking at  a very simple 3D model, and creating different floors and stacking layers in 3D at 30 mins long is a nice slow easy pace that helped me enormously, I tend to stop the video and try out the example, and go back to see if I have much the same.

Part 2

Here Tom goes over quickly the work in part 1 and expands upon wall heights and ways to control it.adding layers and altering or adding Z and delta Z

In part 3 Tom goes over the more important section, in creating elevations from side views and controlling them, this is a major leap and one were  I value Tom easy, slow teaching.

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