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Image by eyesplash Mikul via Flickr

Again as we wait for 2010 to ship, why not have a look at some of the new features, this one is from Jon Pickup of Archoncad, its a small but useful tip to control the insertion point of any object. Now talking with Jon this morning, he tells me that as soon as we have all upgraded to 2010, we will need to update our symbol files to take account of this new feature, and clever Jon has made a short Vectorscript tool to make this a simple one click operation, and he has allowed me to almost give it away, I will be uploading this to the download file tab as soon as I get Vectrworks 2010, for the small price of your email address., keep looking out for updates on this over the next week or so.

Source: Konstrukshon CPD Weblog – Architectural Technologist – Wall Insertion Options for Symbols Vectorworks 2010
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