Like many technologists, I have a little book, or perhaps a folder is more an accurate description, its made up of construction notes, pictures of constructions, tech notes, construction methods, tables, for steels, timber, staircases, you name it, I have it stored, but the book is heavy and to be honest. a little out of date. So this weekend I started to have a look at it and pull out things which were old and looked to replace it. It’s here that I sat down and thought it through, I wanted to make certain things easy to use and find, So I have pulled my most common items into mt default Vectorworks sheet, within the library, mostly toilet, wiring, and certain other drawing items, I have created folders so I can find them quickly, the rest I have transferred to a new “Steves_Bits” file I keep on my server, Oh I also made sure I had a copy of the standard stuff in the default file library, well you never know.

So now, when I start a new drawing I can work straight away, I link the steves_bits file in so I can use the library to get at many other sources of information, and here was the first problem, well the only one really, I had not used this files since I loaded up Vectorworks 2008 and although  Vectorworks 209 could see and read the file it needed to be converted to 2009, before I could link it.. So as part of the new tab and ongoing upload of new files for Vectorworks users, I have put a small  Vectorworks 209 version of the file I use onto the download section. All the items are 2D Unfortunately some still have my classes or the ones imported when I copied them. So take it as is, use it as you will, make more items and have fun.

default Vectorworks drawing sheet with small library

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