I found two issues lately. My customer have problem with their AutoCAD 2008 after they install Norton 360. Lucky for him, Symantec provide a hotfix for this issue.

Later another customer have problem with their Inventor 2010. It was Norton Internet Security that cause this. This is an old issue, since Inventor 11. But it seems it’s not fixed yet. But the solution is not that difficult: uninstall and reinstall Norton.

In my curiosity, I tried to find other issue related to Norton applications. Well, it seems a lot of them cause issues with Autodesk products. You can try to search using keyword ‘norton’ in Autodesk knowledge base. Here is what I found.

I know some antivirus can be conflicted with Autodesk products, not only Norton. But seeing that result is kind of scare me.

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Source: CAD Notes – Autodesk Products Issue when Norton Installed
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