Most of today’s CAD packages are history based. The designer has to follow certain rules in the creation of the 3D model. The geometry is “linked” or is associative to the geometry that was used to create it. In this approach if the user makes a change to the initial geometry the “linked” geometry changes accordingly. This is great if everything that comes after the initial geometry updates or “rebuilds” properly. Many times this does not happen, leaving the designer to find and fix the problem or starting from scratch to make the change. On the other hand most of today’s CAID (computer aided industrial design) packages are non-history based or have limited history. The 3D modeling creation methods appeal more to industrial designers. Not having to deal with history gives the designer more flexibility. The downside to these types of packages is if the designer wants to change more basic things like fillets it becomes more time consuming. Say if a fillet needs to change, the designer would have to delete the fillet, untrim the surfaces that had the fillet, re-trim the surfaces to where the fillet needs to be and recreate the fillet.

With KeyCreator designers don’t have to be restricted to using just a “surfacing” only package or just a “solids” only package. KeyCreator creates both surfaces and solid in one hybrid environment. KeyCreator users can quickly create complex shapes using surfaces and then stitch them into a solid to add more mechanically features such as fillets, holes, etc. At any point the designer can turn the solid or faces of a solid into surfaces and vice versa. Using this hybrid approach gives designers greater speed and flexibility in their creations. Using KeyCreator’s geometry-based architecture designers can quickly change the shape of features or use the ReShape/Deform functions to adjust the overall shape of the model. Designers can quickly find/modify features without the need for history using KeyCreator’s FaceLogic technology.

Source: CAD Freedom and Precision – Views and News from KubotekUSA – Why Industrial Designers like KeyCreator for CAID
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