layer tools Layer is indispensable in drawing management when we use AutoCAD. Since it’s so important, there are a lot of layer tools available. Working on layer by finding layer names can be confusing, if you have lots of layers. You can work on layer graphically now. You can freeze or lock layers by selecting objects as reference. No need to find the layer name from a long list in layer manager. Honestly I don’t use all of them. But you might find it useful. Here’s 10 layer tools you might forgotten.

1. Make Object’s Layer Current (LAYMCUR)

Using this tool will change the current layer by selecting an object as reference. The current layer will use the objects layer. Imagine if you want to create a boundary. Instead changing current layer from list, just activate this tool and pick an existing boundary line!

2. Layer Previous (LAYERP)

This is useful if you need to work on other layer for a while. You can set the current layer to previous active layer by using this tool.

*But I wonder why there’s no Layer Next?

3. Layer Walk (LAYWALK)

Layer walk is very handy to check which object lies on which layer. Doing this can be frustrating. But layer walk make it easy. I love this tool! Check this animation.

4. Layer Match (LAYMCH)

Layer match will move an object from one layer to another, by selecting an object as reference. This is similar with MATCHPROP but only matching the object layer, not matching any other properties.

5. Change to Current Layer (LAYCUR)

Using this tool will move objects to current layer. Simply activate it, select objects, and voila! Those objects now moved to current layer.

6. Copy Objects to New Layer (COPYTOLAYER)

This tool will create a duplicate of selected objects, and place the new objects in another layer. You can define the target layer by selecting an object as reference OR you can select the layer name.

*I guess the command key in is getting too long, isn’t it?

7. Layer Isolate (LAYISO) and Layer Unisolate (LAYUNISO)

Layer isolate will isolate objects in a layer, and lock the rest of available layers. When you have complex drawings, you might want to lock and unlock layers quickly. Locking layers from layer manager definitely not good enough. Well, this is the right tool for you! You can isolate layers by selecting objects!

8. Layer Off (LAYOFF) and Layer Freeze (LAYFRZ)

These tools are similar to turning off layer or freezing layer through layer manager. But instead of turning them of by it’s name, you select objects you wanted to.

9. Turn All Layers On (LAYON) and Thaw All Layers (LAYTHW)

These also similar to using layer manager. But you can turn on all layers (or thaw) at once using them.

10. Layer Merge (LAYMRG)

This tool will move all objects on destination layer to target layer. Destination layer will be deleted after move. You can select destination/target layer using object as reference or by selecting layer name.

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