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To appreicate good design you have to see good design, you have to feel it and see peoples reaction to good design, but when you see good design, it feels you, it sends a feeling of completeness, you look at the screen , objects, pictures and feel satisfied, something inside says ,,,,,,, nice.

And its this feeling I experienced recently when I followed up on a twitter follow request . Now its the norm for me to follow up on all requests, and to be honest, I just don’t like a lot of the requests and I just ignor them, and some I think ok well follow that, but some, I spend time on, there is something that invites me in, something that attracts me and in this particular case something attracted me, , was it the logo, because thats all there was on the twitter request, probably, but I followed up, and was more than pleased at the time I spent on the Maveric Digital web site.

It loads with 3 dimentions of visual and audible stimulation, an inital grab of the logo centraly placed in a black background moving to the side, with a slight but audiable wisp of sound to reveal a menu and about screen  placed again on a black background. the crisp clean white font standing out and immediately readable, not drtracted by other icons or graphics, and as you move the mouse, more sound, to indicate movement and more information., clicking on an menu item again brings a wisp of sound and a crips transformation to the new screen. I am taken in, and theirs to do with as they wish.

To the right are displayed the slightly dimmed logos of companies they obviously deal with , IBM, Bombay Saphire, and many more that fade in and out, offering a glimpse of the clients that have paid for good design. The logos not detracting from the main screen but gently showing their presence.

To the left a bright look at me picture of current projects that says look at me, we are currently busy with………..

You leave feeling as though you want to employ them for all your design work, but alas in my case, completely out of  my budget range, disappointed, yes, but dissatisfied, no, I have been shown good design, of the highest level.

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