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Well some items in the post can prove useful, and this little gem from Simpson Strong tie is one of those little gems that makes life easy. I do a lot of loft convertions and the problem is alway getting in steel to the loft area, I split it, and try to keep the weight down, recently I have started using ijoists, but as alway, there is a little snag and thats the end of joist detail at the eaves, with steel , I have a nice cut away detail that almost always works, but cutting iJoists needs a little more care, and this two piece metal reinforcement for the cut end of an iJoist is the answer, I like this and will start to specify it were I use iJoists.

I followed the article and went into Google to search for more info on this subject, and spent a good 1/2 hour of CPD checking out their claims and other manufacturers of iJoist to see if I could improve on my spec.

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