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I post this article in support of Blog action day. More than 7000 bloggers have registered to participate and thousands more will join in the next 24 hours. There’s already buzz growing across the blogosphere and on Twitter in anticipation, with updates from around the world every minute about the upcoming event. Whats it all about, well its in support of the environment, and look at ways to help Change the enviroment for the good. The article below is my proposal, hope,wish, call it what you like, I just think that Smart metering is the way to go, small units generating electricity, and sharing in small areas, it also mean that house holders will have to become more energy aware, looking at how we boil water, not using standby on the TV, and looking at ways to generate power with PV cells and solar collectors.

EU promotes smart metering in fight against global warming
The European Commission is calling on member states to support the rollout of technologies to boost energy efficiency, estimating that household energy bills would drop by 10% thanks to smart metering devices. However, no common standards for the devices are currently available.

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