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You may wonder why mention this on an Architectural Technologists CPD web site, easy, is innovation, design, at its best, its all about looking at a problems from alternative angles and using new science, materials to achieve the almost impossible, oh and its British, sorry for mentioning it here when I aspire to a global audience, but it does fell kind of good.

So whats it al about, well it’s the breaking of the wind powered land speed record, and in a machine that may not be ready for mass production, but it certainly shows all the aspects of innovation that I look for and seek.

I got this from a twitterer emlink3 who pointed me to a site  called stumbleupon.com now I get so many tweets it  is hard to sieve out things that are interesting, particularly when they are not in my usual tagged search’s so its good I saw it. but go to the site and read the blurb, but more important watch the video, its all there. also go to the web page http://greenopolis.com/ theres more to see and read on green issues here, nice 1/2 green CPD

As for the phot, it all starts here,

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Source: Konstrukshon CPD Weblog – Architectural Technologist – UK’s New Wind-Powered Vehicle Breaks Previous Land Speed Record!
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