I’ve been writing about creating AutoCAD drawing system in several posts. I also posts about features that can boost your AutoCAD productivity. And then I think I need to compile then in an eBook. It’s too long to be a post. It’s not a complete tutorial, but I just want to share what I think can be useful to AutoCAD users.

You can download the eBook here. Thank you to Fit Jerk for the box shot rendering!


AutoCAD has been used for decades. Many AutoCAD users still use AutoCAD as a replacement for manual drafting.

There are many new features added in AutoCAD. Combining them all and create a drawing system will maximize team collaboration and ensure standard drawings.

Drawing is not just about how fast you finish it. It is also, about how easy we can modify it during the design process. In addition, how we can make use of the data. We can also create some automatisation. We can use fields for title blocks. Also creating schedule using data extraction for example.

I hope this eBook can be useful for you who interested in developing drawing system for AutoCAD.

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I’m interested to hear your opinion and discuss with you about this topic. I’m waiting for your comments!

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