LED lamp with E27 Edison screw.
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I don’t know whether I have a problem with this technology or not, do I want a wall that’s in essence a huge great television, The Sensacell system is a unique combination of energy efficient LED lighting technology and advanced touchless proximity sensors engineered for elegant integration with architecture. Sensacell’s compatibility with a broad range of architectural materials enables unlimited application possibilities; the sensors can detect persons and objects straight through surface materials allowing everyday surfaces to become dynamically interactive. I can see the benefits, and as the technology become more settled, woooo, tv playing in one corner, skype in the other and as I approach the wall it changes, ,,,, I am still looking at this but the technology is certainly interesting, worth any CPD, yes, this will not go away, it’s there, can we use it, probably, so learn all you can about it, I will, before I make a decision. Just how much energy does it take !and who controls the wall,,,,,,,  sustainable its not,,,,,,oh just watch.

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