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Whilst browsing the twitter late last night, I happen to read this excellent article on Sketching, ot rather a new book that has sketches in it, via the Daily Dose of Architecture web site, it just reminded me again of my conversation with Jon Pickup od Archoncad, and the importance of sketching,

The author quotes “Books like this one from Moleskine are timely reminders of how digital tools can’t replace all traditional ones, particularly pen and paper. For example, the research for my book is documented via a mix of spreadsheets, digital map overlays, digital photos, and a notebook (a Muji, sorry Moleskine). The last is a collage of notes, sketches, and pasted images, an ideal canvas for me for jotting down ideas at home, on the train, in front of a building, wherever I may be. But my research cannot exist without the digital components, and I’d also have a hard time limiting myself to just the bytes and bits.”

So true, the CPD here is get the sketchbook out and try, I have confessed to my lack of artistic ability, but I’ll try and see what comes.

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