This  diploma thesis in architecture., of a project  located in Ningbo, China, a city with over 5.5 milion inhabitants. Because of its bioclimatic design (inspired by the work of dr. Ken Yeang), it consumes a minimum of energy and is very sustainable and cost efficient. The project is modelled and animated with 3ds max 2009. Also the music is composed by me, produced with Reason 4.0. Concept, design, modelling, animation, music, editing by me, Przemyslaw Duda.

That the official blurb from the youtube site, my view, nice animation, that shows of a really nice design, I like the interior and space, but the music,,,,,,, I turned that down and just watched for 5 mins, nice. The CPD could be any one of a number of avenues, I made notes on the design, could I produce working drawings from this, what questions should I be asking, services, comes to mind, waste disposal,frame design, sun orientation, shading, cooling effect of the central core, will this produce currents of moving air, ,,,, I go on,,, still nice film and I enjoyed watching it.

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