I have posted several Revit Architecture tutorial in this blog for months. I compiled them in an e-book that you can read comfortably without having to visit the pages. It’s not exactly the same with the existing tutorials, but yes, it’s very similar. I fixed some editorial errors, add some more screenshots to describe the steps better, and provide some tutorial files. With the tutorial files, you can compare what you did to my model, or simply start a chapter using files provided. If you want to see what’s inside the book, download the table of contents here.
So I stop providing free contents? Surely not! I still provide free contents on this blog. Consider this is an alternative to read the blog content for a small fee. And also consider this as a donation to make this blog better.
Click this button to buy this e-book. After the payment successful, you will be automatically redirected to download page. I will also send you an email for alternative download link, but because of the time zone difference, please be patient that I can’t email you immediately. The e-book price is US$ 12.5.

DO NOT share the download link!

Source: CAD Notes – E-book: Revit Architecture 2010: Your First Residential Design
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